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Dope Crochet Blog

Girl, did I ever tell you about that time I went Pom Pom crazy?

diy dope crochet pom pom rugs rug tutorial

Pom Pom Rug Tutorial

I can't believe I didn't blog about this experience! It was such an intense time in life, lol! I laugh now, but it was pom poms all day, err'day at one point. 

You can watch a quick timelapse of the process here or read on for more details! 

I started off making this adorable little rug for a friend's nursery. I fell in love with the mustard, gray, and white color scheme the...

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Bikini Photo Session

bikini dope crochet photo session pool

I had a great shoot with two gorgeous gals at Barton Springs Pool about a month back.  A few shots from our time together below. You can find these bikinis for sale here

Dope Crochet Bikini

Dope Crochet Bikini

Dope Crochet Bikini

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DIY Floral Photo Background

diy dope & crafty


I recently hosted a bohemian/floral-themed event at my home. The floral vine centerpieces for each table were a team effort and a true labor of love (thanks friends)! Most of the decor and supplies came from my local craft stores (Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Home Depot), but the ready-made centerpieces were too costly and not quite what I was looking for.

So, I purchased the vines, fake flower bouquets, and floral wires to create them myself. After the event, I didn't want to toss them so they have been repurposed into a floral photo backdrop that...

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30-Day Project Challenge: Day 2

Today's crochet challenge was a doorknob cover. My daughters loves pink and I may be a little sick of it *ahem*. Don't tell her I said so, lol. I used a multicolor blend for the pattern

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30-Day Project Challenge: Day 1

30 day challenge

Month long crochet projects aren't for me. Seriously. We all started crocheting afghans and scarves at one point, but at some point, we are drawn towards other things. More awesome things. :) 

The point of this post is I want to do 30 days of projects where I create something new to me. Using patterns or ideas in my head. I'll post my daily creation on Instagram and here on the blog. 

30 Day Challenge #1

Today's creation was a tiny bouquet. I found the pattern on Ravelry and modified a bit to create...

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